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The world is yours.

You just need to know where to go. Every door that’s locked isn’t really that locked. Every barrier to entry can be thwarted with the right tools and a good plan. Why Bolt Cutters? They’re the best tool. You don’t always need bolt cutters, but when you need them, you need them.

Bolt cutters rely on leverage to break through barriers – most of the time the barriers are rusty, outdated, and rigid. Once you open the gate, the real work begins.

About Bolt Cutter

Bolt Cutter is a team of barrier breakers who live to help others solve problems. We’re like doctors for your business – using our toolbox of experience to help you move obstacles so you can do what you do best (whatever the heck it is that you do).

Our team has worked (both client and agency side) for startups, Fortune 30 brands, Big 4 tech companies, small businesses, rock ‘n roll bands, and nonprofits. Across all of these organizations and systems, one thing is always the same: everybody needs a good plan. We’ve seen small organizations with tiny budgets change the world and large organizations spend billions without as much as a splash in the market. Bolt Cutter exists to help solve the universal problems creative businesses face, namely, how to actually make an impact and solve the right problems.


Does your team need some more strategic horsepower? Bolt Cutter can come into your team or organization to help you build the right plan from scratch. Every organization has different goals, so no partnership will be totally the same. Our team has created content for big brands, managed international influencer campaigns, run multi-million dollar ad campaigns, and built custom web apps. We’re here to help build and manage your next project. Including:

Creative Direction

Content Creation


Email Marketing

Video Production

Influencer Marketing

Design & Branding

Merch & Apparel

Digital Analytics

Paid Social & SEM

Brand Messaging

Audio Engineering

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